Sunday, October 23, 2011

In which the Alien issues a hipster fatwa

So, the New Yorker hates Coldplay. Don't we all?

The certainly are the beloved object of hate for all who wear western shirts, cuffed jeans, and Frye loafers. We must all hate anything that's popular! You must all be individuals! (In as similar a way as possible.)

But I'm issuing a hipster fatwa declaring hatred of popular things to be boring and predictable, and therefore, totally not cool anymore.

Unless it's done ironically.

I think.

I'm confused now.

Coldplay really are harmless, and not in a harmful way. I don't look down on anyone who likes them, I just think they (the band and their fans) could try harder (try M83 or The Pains of Being Pure at Heart). Anyway, I liked that Yellow song, and Beaker is cool.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.....I like:

n.b.  I've seen them live, they're terrible musicians, and this album is the clear product of heavy heavy heavy production. The vocals sounded like a cat being swung around by its kidding, people at the show gave each other looks whenever any singer--each one more off key than the last--made an entrance.

M83 (Another great French act):